Foundation Design

Foundation designs play a vital role in affecting the safety and facilitating the satisfactory performance of the structure. An unsafe foundation structure interrupts the electrical transmission system. Prevention of malfunctioning of the foundation system and electrical transmission unit needs foundation systems designs that vary as per soil type. Geological variations need foundation systems that match the physiographic and geological structures of the region. Locations along riversides or on the bank of the river or in the midstream or both need pile foundation.  Tower Foundation designs that our experts develop are economical and compatible with the soil.  We built them using material and design that they do not lose strength with time and age. Laying down the foundations needs a deep study of geological structure and soil characteristics. The ground can have a composition of igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic rock, and soil can have high organic content, sandy gravels, and silty sand or sandy peat.  Accurate series of soil tests become a prerequisite when we attempt to find the proper design of foundations. Depending on the results, we may use Steel grillage Concrete spread footing, Concrete auger, or caisson, to name a few.  In addition to the strength design, we pay attention to stability analysis where experts check the possibilities of failure by overturning, uprooting of stubs, sliding, and tilting of the foundation after studying the soil resistance properties.