Substation Design

Laying and designing of Substations need technical intelligence and experience. The essential requirement remains to maintain an uninterrupted flow of power in transmission lines. It should be well acquainted with general switching operations for maintenance purposes. Our team of experts at HYdro10 does substation earthing calculations to provide effective substation earthing resistance. We pay attention to every detail that relates to using copper wares for laying the substation earthing grid. Experts take into consideration minute details that can prevent power failures. They assure to supplement earthing grid with earthing rods, bolt the joints instead of soldering them to prevent joint fail. The services that we cater to when it comes to laying substation includes  Physical survey for selecting and developing the substation  Selecting the equipment, protective relaying and controls  Upgrading the substations need our experts to study structures, equipment defaults.  We look into the protective relays and panels, auxiliary equipment, obsolete or over-taxed circuit breakers and switching devices, aged or overloaded transformers, and bus conductors.