Overhead Transmission and Distribution Engineerning

Our transmission and distribution team is dedicated to delivering solutions for overhead lines with voltages up to 500 kV. We offer a suite of integrated services from design (greenfield and brownfield overhead lines) to construction support, and our project experience spans across the United States, Canada and beyond. Capabilities The capabilities of our transmission line design team include: • T-Line Project management • Third Party QA/QC • T-Line Project estimation. • Fiber Optic / Communication cable addition • Greenfield transmission line design • Thermal up-rating • Line relocations and extensions • Transmission line asset replacement and life extension • Line routing studies • Conductor selection and optimization studies • Structural design and analysis of wood, steel, FRP pole and concrete structures • Structural analysis of Lattice steel towers? • Foundation design • Electrical studies, including: – Electrical and magnetic fields – Line Electrical Parameter – Corona and conductor loss calculations – Grounding – Insulation coordination – Induction Project Delivery From design to commissioning, our team of experience professionals embed our culture of Safety in all stages of project execution. As a core value, safety is further inculcated and fostered through our processes, procedures and training programs. As such, safety is at the core of all our projects. To ensure Excellent Quality of our work, and Enhance Customer Satisfaction, project execution is undertaken by experienced engineers and closely supervised by a senior engineer who ensures project alignment to quality requirements, while adhering to the schedule and budget. Software Our team of experienced professionals is adaptable to any specific software used by our customers, and is also highly proficient in a wide variety of industry standard software, including: • PLS-CADD, PLS-POLE, PLS-TOWER • LPILE • MFAD • AutoCAD • MicroStation