Post Construction Inspection

Post-construction inspection is mandatory before energizing the line. It is a process that ensures safe transmission and improves the life of the line drastically. Our experts, while rendering services for repair and maintenance, check the resistance of steel, cement, or wood poles and supporters to many factors that include atmospheric moisture, wind pressure, rain, sunlight, to name a few. Experts check the working and efficacy of conductors, insulators, wires used for protective guarding at the crossing of lines with roads, railway tracks, telecommunication lines, check the use of line spacers. We look for and repair loose sag, snapping of conductor, tree branches touching the lines, conductor falling on cross arms that can cause the failure of power supply, voltage fluctuation, load shedding, and scheduled outages. In short, Hydro 10 provides all types of maintenance services that include  Pole alignment  Replacing damaged wires  Clearance services  Checking of pole fittings and street light brackets  and Careful examination of damages at regular intervals. It helps minimize interruptions and improve the efficiency of the power supply.